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"Bless You" Bible verse poster.

“Bless You” Bible verse poster.

Tracts4free.WordPress.com – free bible verse paintings, free gospel tracts to download, free Christian photos and Christian articles. “Man from George Street”, Frank Jenner, Mr. Genor.

Welcome. This site provides free Christian tracts to download, Christian posters, gospel posters, Christian articles and paintings, which are free for you to download, print, photocopy and distribute for evangelism, but not sell.


Most of the tracts have the advantage of having websites/references at the end of them, which gives people the opportunity to research Christianity in private (important in countries where Christians are persecuted), and at a time which is convenient for them. Most also have space for a church stamp, so that they can come to your church. Reading the websites/references would also enable them to grow and disciple themselves, in situations where they cannot attend, or can only infrequently attend, a church themselves, or simply for additional study.

Pagoda flower, Clerodendrum paniculatum

See the “Christian Links” page for numerous sites, including many others which provide excellent Christian tracts, some in different languages, as well as audio and visual materials.

For a statement of faith, see www.gotquestions.org/faith.htm

Jesus commanded us to go and make disciples of all the nations, Matthew 28:19. William Carey, the father of modern missions, went to India, for example, and many others went to Africa, China, and so on. If you can go as a missionary to some remote area where the gospel has not been heard, then you should. However, not everybody can do this, and there may be opportunities closer to home. Today, you may find many people from many nations living in your local area. If you live in a tourist town, the nations come to you. I live in a tourist town (Cairns, Australia), and we have visitors from Azerbaijan to Zimbabwe. Also, today, Western countries are in spiritual decline, and rather than missionaries going from Europe to Africa, there are now more missionaries going from Africa to Europe.

Cape Tribulation.

You can also get the gospel out effectively by donating to organisations that give away bibles along with discipleship courses, or audio Scriptures (better for the illiterate, or where a culture has a strong oral-based tradition), for example. To make your outreach as effective as possible, you might like to have a diverse “portfolio of investments”, and you may find the suggestions in the articles “Giving/tithing”, and “Tips for distributing tracts”, helpful (click on the “Articles” button at the top of this page).

You may also like to visit http://www.freechristiantracts.info/, and my other sites, http://reforestation.me, which is about agroforestry, overseas aid, environmental restoration etc., and Christianpostersfree.wordpress.com (posters only).

Let us plant and water together, and trust God to give the increase, 1 Cor. 3:6.

I hope you will be inspired to get out there, and by any and every means, spread the good news!

Thank you, and may God bless you and all that you do for Him.


Contact: daveclode@hotmail.com

Ps. If you haven’t already, check out the inspiring story of Mr. Frank Jenner (sometimes spelled “Genor”), called “The Man from George Street”, by Dave Smethurst, see: http://spiritlessons.com/Man_from_george_street.htm .

Zinnia cultivar.



Thank you to the following people, all of whom have helped in some way or another:

Andy Bedford, Peter Brady, Sian Butler, Bryan Clode, Michael Clode, Rachel Cook, Pastor Dan DeLong, David and Maureen Fourie, Peter K, Peter McGregor, Pastor Steve Muller, Torsten Muller, and Nigel and Laya Ross.


Manipulated waterlily

Water lily

Water lily.

The beautiful, symmetrical leaves of the palm, Johannesteijsmannia altifrons.


“There is always a way to do it better… find it”

Thomas Edison


A pair of curlews.

A pair of Bush stone-curlews. Photo: David Clode


Jewel Flutterer dragonfly. Photo: David Clode.

Jewel Flutterer dragonfly. Photo: David Clode.




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