Christian Articles

Praise God.

Praise God. – free Christian tracts, free Christian paintings, Christian

posters, Christian articles and photos, tithing.


“During times of universal deceit,

telling the truth

becomes a revolutionary act”

George Orwell.


Christian articles:

tips-for-distributing-tracts2 This Christian article gives some suggestions for handing out Christian tracts, pinning them on notice boards, leaving them in public places etc.

final-giving  An article about Christian giving, overseas aid, and questioning the doctrine of tithing in present day Christian churches. Some prioritised suggestions about giving effectively, based on a sound interpretation of the bible, in these last days.

I have also written articles on agroforestry, reforestation, increasing food production, overseas aid etc., visit

Also, the following brief Christian articles written by a friend of mine: GOOD WORKSMORALITYPHILOSOPHYRELIGION.

The pink torch ginger, Etlingera elatior.


“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority,

 it is time to pause and reflect”

 Mark Twain


"The old rugged cross" gospel message poster.

“The old rugged cross” gospel message poster.


“Coventionality is not morality,

self-righteousness is not religion.

To attack the first

is not to assail the second.”

Charlotte Bronte


Graphic Flutterer Rhythemis graphiptera. Cattana Wetlands. Photo: David Clode.

Graphic Flutterer Rhyothemis graphiptera. Cattana Wetlands. Photo: David Clode.


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